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"Her eyes are as crystal as the stars"...

I decided to poke around Wyrmrest Accord for a bit, attending a local tavern event (which went to hell in a hand basket real quick), and this elf girl decided to seat herself across from me. This is what I saw...

Kodie Moonrage Sue

Yes. "Fuck society"... You tell 'em, sister.

Edit: And slightly off my original topic, but I just had to post this. I just now saw an add in /guildrecruitment for:

"The Dragonflights have had a long history. The rise of Deathwing, the situation with the infinite dragonflight and so on. Now, the list grows as a new order of Dragons and their followers emerge unto the world. Behold! The rise of The Silver Dragonflight! A new sect of dragons from all flights who wish to stop fighting their brothers and sisters and focus on the real threats of the world. We seek more followers as well as other dragons to join us!"

While I do feel that dragon RP can be done's usually not. And being that this guild is going to be full of dragon RPers, I...have my reservations.
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