The end of an era

We are moved. it is over, finished. the end of an era.
So long to not being able to work things. SO long to zero ability moderaters.
and hello new shiny.

Remember the following

This is our new URL,

You CAN post comments with your LJ account.
For the first couple of weeks (unless it becomes problamatic) you can even post with your lj account.

If I have not added you yet, and you want in on a new DW account (or an open id), clicky the bright green button under the ranting Lian icon in the top left hand corner.

I'm going to move the comm over into maintence mode. This post will thus remain on top, forever a beacon of where we can be found, a reminder of where we have been.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our new home, http://warcraft-sues.dreamwidth.org/

Love, the strappy mod.
  • arokka

Fanart too?

After taking a peek at the comm rules, I noted that fanart isn't explicitly stated... but after taking a peek at some of the stuff at DA, there are definitively some stuff there worthy of being posted here. That said though, mods, feel free to yoink the post as I said, fanart isn't explicitly stated to be acceptable. <<

With that said though...

Somehow, I'm sorta iffy about human/draenei crossbreeds. Especially when Wrynn is the supposed father.

High elf/Wrynn-mance rubs me the wrong way.

Likewise does the unknown daughter that Wrynn's suddenly sported.

Troll Hand
  • dakoura

Ahhh... The things you find in Stormwind first thing Saturday morning

I just got my baby DK out of the starter zone and was dropping things off in the bank when this... thing... strutted past me. Moving at RP speed and in RP gear, I just had to take a look.

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